An Ashtanga Yoga School in East Vancouver

in the tradition of Shri K Pattabhi Jois


Mysore BC

Mysore BC is an Ashtanga Yoga school in East Vancouver, BC, rooted in the tradition of the late Shri K Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, South India. We offer daily morning classes, wherein students are taught one-to-one, in a friendly, focused and supportive group setting.

We are located at Bridge & Enrich Lives Society ("BE"), a warm and welcoming sanctuary, which is home to individuals from various interest groups sharing a space with the common objective of enriching lives.


(778) 891-9642




Bridge & Enrich Lives Society

718 East 20th Ave. at Fraser St.

Vancouver, B.C.

V5V 1N3


M-F: 0600 - 0900

Ashtanga Yoga as taught at KPJAYI, Mysore

Shri K Pattabhi Jois’ Ashtanga Yoga practice is a method of self-purification, which combines specific postural, breathing and focusing techniques to bring about cleansing of the body, nervous system and mind. 

The method is designed as a daily practice and is taught individually to each student, at a pace which suits their unique station in life.

In a "Mysore-style" class students are taught individually, one-to-one, in a friendly, focused and supportive group setting. Each student memorizes the posture sequencing, progressing at their own pace and according to their own unique circumstances. Among many benefits, this creates a calm and meditative class environment in which the teacher can move around freely to quietly assist each student when required.


Mysore BC classes are held Monday to Thursday, 0600 - 0900;

Friday is a Guided/Led Class from 0630-0800 (ask Geoff for more details)

Full and New Moon days are observed as rest days: no class scheduled.

Doors open 0545. Latest start time is 0800. We vacate the BE facility promptly at 0900.

Students should arrive in time to complete their practice and rest before the class session ends.

All New Students/Beginners are kindly requested to contact Geoff prior to visiting Mysore BC. Students without prior experience of the method are welcomed to observe any morning class, Monday to Thursday, before study commences. (New Students often make an appointment to observe the morning class for about half an hour, then take their first lesson then and there.)

Introductory Options & 2-for-1 Offer

We have TWO ways to commence practice with us, each $108 and available as 2-for-1 offers (Bring a Friend!):

1) Sign up for our Introductory Course - offered monthly; each Course combines a two-hour workshop session on a Saturday, plus two weeks of follow-up classes commencing the Monday morning after.

*Intro Course dates are (Saturdays): 16th September, 7th October, 11th November, 2nd December.* * Time: 0900-1100*

2) Simply contact us to come and observe a morning class, then potentially join in right there and then. First Month's fees are only $108 (Reg. $180) Drop-in first, then upgrade on the spot if you wish.

Class Fees

Fees are due in full before instruction commences. We can only accept Cash, Cheque or E-transfer at this time.

$180 per month/  $20 One-time Drop-in/ $90 5-class Pass, (Valid 60 days)

A 15% Discount Applies For Seniors and F/T Students with Valid ID.

Commitment Discounts: $320 / 2 Months ; $420 / 3 Months (When paid in full, in advance.)

Experienced students visiting from out of town please contact Geoff directly for fees.




Be prepared to commit to attending class 3 days per week.

Familiarize yourself with all the information found at the hyperlinks in the sections above, especially regarding practice and method.

Settle all fees before commencing practice.

Arrive to practice hydrated, freshly-showered, scent-free, with clean clothes, mat and towel.

Please keep phones silenced or off. There is a clock on the window.

All New Students/Beginners are kindly requested to contact Geoff prior to visiting Mysore BC. Students without prior experience of the method will be invited to observe a practice session or attend an Introductory Course before any study commences.

All students with an established practice are expected to arrive at such a time as allows them to complete practice and rest before the class session ends.

If you have a fever, stay home and rest! If contagious, stay home and practice what you can.

Ladies are advised to rest from vigorous vinyasa practice for the first three days of their menstrual cycle. Grounding, restorative asana forms can be recommended if preferred. Please ask for more details.


About Geoff Mackenzie

Geoff has been practicing Hatha Yoga techniques since 1998 and following the Ashtanga Yoga method daily since 2004. He is Authorized to teach the Primary and Intermediate Series of Ashtanga Yoga by his teacher, R. Sharath Jois.

Geoff has been studying annually with Sharath and the Jois family since 2006, where he benefits from both the guidance of his teacher and the lateral transmission of his peers.